Building global infrastructure for African FinTech

We’ve developed the best APIs that allow Fintechs and other organizations to offer banking and financial services to their customers. We handle all regulatory, compliance, and licensing needs, so you can focus on launching your product faster.

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Build the bank your customers need

We provide you everything required to integrate banking features into your app. Offer banking services like virtual wallets, bill payments, card services, float as a service, KYC and onboarding all in one suite.

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Build faster with powerful financial technology

Our FinTech as a Service APIs power local and international payments, agency banking, bulk transfers for ambitious startups and corporations who want to offer easy and accessible financial services to their customers.

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Built for speed, ease and compliance


Transactions accurately reconciled


Monthly transactions


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Always in control

From direct integrations with over half of the service providers to 100% reliable backup options in the case of downtimes, we optimize at every level of the financial technology stack.

Rapid growth & development

We release hundreds of new features/APIs and updates every year to stay in touch with new developments in the financial services space.

100% compliant

We own every license you need to offer your choice banking or FinTech service. Some of these include our PCI-DSS license, ISO 27001 certification, etc.

Available customer support

We have a dedicated team of customer support agents to ensure you never have to slow down the development process of your FinTech product.

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